Not long ago a Patron was the backbone in an Artist's survival. What used to be influence of one person now becomes the influence of thousands in the modern world. There are many ways that you can help support me. Every bit helps and goes a long way to make sure I continue creating content for your enjoyment and making my push to becoming a full time Comic Artist. The methods vary from low to high impact and every task that you chose to complete affects the outcome of my career. Greatly

Purchasing from the Store or Blog

Purchasing merchandise in the store is a BIG contribution. If you want to give even more support buying products recommended through for any future art supply shopping is the way to do it. Blick will send me some kickback at no extra cost to you. Don't worry I cannot see your purchase history and this is a great way to show your ongoing support. Proceeds will make sure that the site stays up and content continues to be rich and consistent.

Like, Share, and Subscribe

If you like my work share it to the world! Social media is the bread and butter for the modern day artist in finding new fans and patrons. 


All Proceeds will go back into the website's hosting cost, buying art supplies, and coffee (since I wake up so dang early☺︎) to help continue high quality work to be produced for your enjoyment!


Do you want something unique? Then purchase a commission. Be sure to look at the commission options and guidelines to see which package suits your needs. 

Thank you taking the time to read through this page and look through my website, and for the support. You are AWESOME!

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