Susan Holstein Photography 

Hi everyone! I'm Robin Holstein and I am a Comic Book Artist and Animator living in the San Francisco Bay area. Growing up in Kentucky I tried to get my hands on any comic I could find and devoured animated movies. Inspired by what I saw I would draw and recreate the characters and heroes poised for exploration in the worlds they lived in. I didn't realize at the time that I was training myself to become an Artist nor did I think of it as a profession that I could do. I was thinking about being a Biologist. I'm glad I chose the former. 

It's been a journey as I become better at my craft and I would like be more public about it by giving you the opportunity to experience the journey with me. Follow me on social media (Instagram, Snapchat • Code at bottom of page •, and Pinterest), check out my YouTube Channel, and Subscribe to my monthly newsletter for updates on my art, blog posts, merchandise, live inking demos, and general announcements. 

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